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Blockchain Technology

DLS AGThe Digital Ledger Systems Blockchain Technology has 9 Core Advantages, enabling the usage of DLS Technology within heterogenous application areas.

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Usage Areas


  • More efficient data management
  • Automated regulatory reporting
  • Reduced processing cycles
  • Elimination of redundant infrastructure

  • More efficient data management
  • Data Security and Access Control
  • Elimination of redundant infrastructure
  • Fraud control and lock facility
Risk Management

  • Reduced cost of data management
  • Data Consolidation
  • SPOD - Single Point of Data
  • Access based policy concept

  • More efficient data management
  • Permanent control of data
  • View Owner Control
  • Secure encrypted data and history

Unique Advantages

Take over risk

DLS has Industry grade implementation of blockchain, based on the principle of unalterable blocks, combined with the capability to store encrypted data, smart contracts or data of any type and size. Our solution is built with advanced code quality, performance and security. With this DLS fulfils many regulatory requirements for different industries and markets. DLS does not rely on generic mining for block generation and is not affected by a 51% take over risk as with many other blockchains.

Size restriction

DLS blockchain has a dynamic transaction storage facility in blocks, it provides a complete new opportunity for using blockchain technology for markets such as: industrial production, enterprises or governments.
With DLS there is no limit to 1 or 2 MB block size as known from other providers.
DLS blockchain utilizes multi-tenant block types within a single chain.

Time delay

Fast transaction and large scale volumes are the core capability implementation within our technology.
We built for large scale workloads with high transaction volumes in mind.
Delivering predictable transaction processing with time guarantee.
Transaction speeds are dynamic within 1 to 60 seconds and the capability of tens of 1000’s transactions per second.

Unregulated data

DLS Blockchain technology is built to high regulatory compliance standards. These standards ensure best practice for: Life Sciences, Airline industry, Insurances, Banking and other industries. DLS can be implement with confidence and is built for the future. A market specific regulatory fulfilment, reporting and assurance of business-critical support with transaction history based on DLS blockchain security.

Blockchain local storage

DLS does not use local chain storage in an unregulated manner like many other blockchains do. The DLS blockchain is within a regulatory system which provides business assurance of integrity and conformity such no other blockchain can provide. Due the regulatory approach DLS blockchain is not just secure but becomes the business choice for blockchain implementation across many industries.

Privacy keys

It is possible to store and restore wallet information, including high security private keys and other relevant data of DLS Blockchain.
DLS provides the possibility to store private keys encrypted itself in the blockchain and protects them against loss and theft. Granting a selective and time controlled access to one’s identity data and provides more convenience and delegation possibilities.

Rollback risk

With DLS blockchain, there is no roll-back possibility. Neither a 51% majority nor a power decision can do it. It’s not needed due our unique capability, in allowing controlled changes or amendments. Therefore, no data loss, transactions or reply attacks or double spend scenarios are possible.

Insertion Amendments

Existing Blockchains in today’s market are not business ready due their inability to ensure correction of fraud and many other, more common factors.

With DLS Blockchain a single record can be amended.

This can be done to information stored in the blockchain such as: additional information to a contract, additional document to furnish a settlement or payment, change in a bid process, a payment which shall be corrected by mutual agreement or a transaction which has been detected as fraudulent, shall be blocked within the blockchain and flagged on all relevant wallets. These are just some of the standard functions of the DLS blockchain.

The blockchain allows for all the described functions and more, while confirmed and stored blocks are not altered. DLS Guaranteed.

Fraud risk

Transactions performed are stored in the blockchain with many measures taken to guarantee the integrity and safety of the transaction.

The unique identity of the person performing the transaction is stored within the DLS blockchain. In case there is a fraud detected by a participant or an organization involved in the transaction it can be flagged for clarification.

By flagging, the transaction stream is put on hold until a resolution for the case is completed. If there is a fraudulent transaction the values are resettled to original owners as well as the fraudulent party being provisioned with the associated actions and measures for a qualified fraud, based on legal measures.

Reliance on miners

The DLS technology implements a highly distributed and controlled mesh of blockchain entities to perform block calculation and encryption beyond today’s implementation of instances of blockchains.

There is no need for classical miners and therefore the energy cost per transaction is kept extremely low, inclusive the processing power of the physical entities or cloud representation of entities.

There is no possibility that large and super-farm outfits influence the difficulty and therefore produce unpredictable transaction delay times and driving up the cost per transaction.


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